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Vehicle Fire and Crash Incidents

A Marlborough woman is facing several charges after striking another vehicle and punching a firefighter
The two tankers, one from York New Salem Volunteer Fire Company and the other from Laurel FD, were shuttling water between a fill site and a warehouse fire
St. Paul police said the car struck a tree and a light pole before starting to burn
Three CAL FIRE firefighters were able to pull themselves from the wreck and were hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries
Seven of the firefighters injured in the Wilmington explosion are also suing the truck driver and the manufacturer of the gas tanks and fuel system
Initial report is the firefighter was killed in the explosion of a heavy-duty truck in the Antelope Valley area
Firefighters love testing new tactics and tools, but some methods simply don’t address the key issue with EV fires
Investigators found that the tanker in the crash, fire that destroyed an interstate bridge had a hatch open, spilling nearly 2,500 gallons of fuel
Wiggins Firefighter Kaille Randolph credits her seat belt and PPE with saving her life
Vehicle crash in Orange County ends up with one vehicle being partially suspended in the air
Donna Eiden said she and her husband were sleeping inside the bus when it began to roll down the street crashing into signs, pole
Tualatin Valley firefighters had to stabilize several vehicles during two separate extrications
A Londonderry firefighter was injured during an MVC that involved several auto maintenance chemicals
A bus carrying farm workers overturned after it collided with a truck in Marion County
When Kingsville firefighters arrived at the I-95 EMS call, a driver struck both the fire engine and the rescue squad
Governor Ned Lamont said the heat from the fire in Norwalk compromised some of the I-95 bridge
Photographs provided by the Portland Police Bureau show police cars in flames, including one next to a large propane tank
Tanker carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline on I-95 in Norwalk was involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer and a car
Proponents claim autonomous trucks are safe and cannot be affected by driver distraction, fatigue and impairment
Monitor Township Firefighter Jeff Sargeson was calling for additional resources when he saw the pickup truck heading towards him
First responders, surgical staff in Temple worked for over four hours to rescue people pinned inside their vehicle under the load
A Bluewell firefighter was injured when a collision sent the department brush truck into a beauty salon
The California Highway Patrol said multiple passengers were ejected in the crash
Officials evacuated an area west of downtown Columbus fearing a possible explosion
The California Highway Patrol said Recruit Jacob Fuerte was in an earlier collision before exiting his vehicle and was not in a hit-and-run incident
Six people were injured, one critically, when a collision sent a Stockton fire engine into a house
A fire department recruit was fatally injured while on the scene of a collision on the 101 Freeway
Data shows Oregon has the highest rate of death per 100,000 people