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The plane landed in trees in a heavily wooded area; despite the challenging terrain, the Shelter Cove FD, supported by mutual aid, successfully rescued two adults and a 2-year-old girl
A plane crash-landed and collided with a vehicle on I-75 in Collier County
Authorities report several people were killed when a plane crashed into a Clearwater mobile home park
The newly opened Tulum International Airport in Mexico has acquired an advanced fleet of Striker ARFF vehicles to support emergency operations
The Japan Airlines A350’s fuselage gave passengers and crew time to escape and did not burn through for some time
One person died and another is expected to survive after being rescued by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel
The plane did not collide with any other vehicles when it crashed, but an unoccupied vehicle nearby caught fire as a result of the crash
FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb details the response to American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed in Queens just 2 months after 9/11
Broward County Firefighter-paramedic Mikael Chaguaceda and the pilot were able to climb out of the burning chopper and onto the roof of the apartment building
A CAL FIRE-contracted helicopter when down while operating over the Tea Fire in the Sierra National Forest
The preliminary report on the crash of two helicopters at the Broadway Fire looks at rotor blades and tire damage
Crews worked to save the pilot after his helicopter crashed, upside down in a canal near Princeton Airport
The exact cause of the crash is unknown, but the helicopter fell out of the sky after an in-flight fire, killing a Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue captain and civilian
Broward County Fire-Rescue Capt. Terryson Jackson, 49, was on board and died following the crash, as well as a female on the ground
A Broward County Sheriff’s Office fire rescue helicopter crashed into a structure shortly after takeoff
Fire and EMS personnel in Spartanburg County rescued two people in plane crash
One of the two helicopters that crashed during a wildfire in Cabazon lacked a collision avoidance system
Assistant Chief Josh Bischof and Captain Tim Rodriguez are remembered as “the absolute best the fire service has ever had”
A CAL FIRE division chief, captain and a contract client pilot were killed while fighting a fire in Riverside County
Pilot Thomas Hayes and co-pilot Jared Bird died from their injuries while fighting the Moose fire in Idaho
Proposed legislation would prod the FAA to expand the use of drones, as well as open up federal lands for testing efforts
“We were expecting the worst but no one’s injured,” Police Chief James White said
Rocco Chierichella and some Spirit crewmembers doused the overhead compartment with water and fire extinguisher spray
The settlement sum aims to resolve the remaining claims in a lawsuit over deputies and firefighters sharing photos of the NBA star’s fatal helicopter crash
According to Care Flight, all aboard died, including the pilot, the flight nurse, the flight paramedic, the patient and a member of the patient’s family
Since the Defense Department published performance specifications for PFAS-free foams in January, this may be the year when airports start making the switch
Two Tennessee National Guard helicopter crewmembers were killed in the fiery crash
San Diego firefighters said an exterior laptop battery pack caught fire in the cabin; four people were hospitalized after the flight was evacuated