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Lithium-ion battery fires

Lithium-ion batteries are powering more devices than ever. From personal electronics and mobility devices (e-bikes, scooters, wheelchairs) to energy storage systems (ESS), electric vehicles and manufacturing facilities, firefighters are responding to myriad incident types that require a new approach. These calls challenge our crews, in part due to their long duration. The FireRescue1 lithium-ion battery fire resource page includes news and subject-matter expert analysis of this emerging issue.

Boulder firefighters found the electric vehicle smoking and filled the box when it exploded
The Gilbert Fire & Rescue Department has created a program that helps firefighters identify homes with energy storage systems
Answering the most common questions, including how well Li-ion battery fire contaminants can be removed through PPE cleaning
With the stairs set ablaze by the burning battery, residents in the four-story building had to scale down the fire escape, FDNY said
In testimony before a House subcommittee, one fire chief stated the training alone will cost fire departments billions
San Diego firefighters said it took an “extended time” to extinguish the fire
An investigation of e-bikes at the Queens store revealed migrants in the basement, sleeping on beds, mattresses stacked floor-to-ceiling
The city has seen hundreds of fires linked to the Li-ion batteries that power electric bikes and scooters in the last few years
Report, website launched with electric vehicle, energy storage information
The U.S. fire administrator, FDNY chief fire marshal, IAFC president and FSRI executive director detailed lithium-ion battery dangers facing firefighters and the general public
Lancaster firefighters rescued three people over ladders during a fire caused by a malfunctioning battery
Firefighters, inspectors faced smoldering batteries made from cannibalized parts inside the Queens scooter shop
A lithium-ion battery in a box began to burn inside a building at the Mountain View campus
Birmingham Battalion Chief Clay Hendon said firefighters everywhere are challenged by lithium-ion battery fires
Carbon dioxide was pumped into Hold No.1 onboard the Genius Star XI as the ship stayed off the coast of Dutch Harbor
Firefighters from six departments worked to extinguish a burning Tesla on I-65 in Autauga County
U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell’s focus on consistent messaging has reached fire service organizations; the next step – firefighters
Fire involving lithium-ion batteries near the loading dock led to a shutdown of production
Colorado Springs firefighters quickly extinguished a fire on the second floor involving an electric scooter
Schenectady County legislators cited concerns that local VFDs are ill-equipped to combat fires at existing Li-ion battery energy storage systems
Fire service leaders urge firefighters to get ready for this even-faster growing type of fire
City officials have blamed off-market batteries and chargers for many of the fires caused by e-bikes and scooters
FSRI’s new lithium-ion battery safety campaign includes key resources to help firefighters respond to li-ion battery fires
The fire service must get ahead of the lithium-ion battery threat before more lives are lost due to lack of education and response training
Much like the individuals going into a blind date, firefighters should gather as much information as possible about Li-ion battery fires prior to response
The fire service’s trusted voice and unique insight can engage all stakeholders in understanding the associated risks
The guide shares strategies to mitigate the risks associated with lithium-ion battery fires