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Wildfire and Wildland-Urban Interface

Officials reported the Post Fire in Los Angeles County is 20% contained
The best way to help firefighters working wildfires is a simple “thank you”
As the “special ops” of wildland firefighting, smokejumpers need specialized skills to succeed in extreme conditions
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Alameda County Firefighter Brandon Franco was burned while fighting the Corral Fire
ESO’s Trend Report breaks down coming innovations and game-changing initiatives
Juries in multiple verdicts have ordered PacifiCorp to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to victims
The Corral Fire caused the evacuation of parts of city of Tracy before it was 50% contained
New satellite missions are based on a growing interest in spotting wildfires and relaying information to fire crews
Recommended books for entertainment or professional development
In “The Lost Bus,” Matthew McConaughey plays a bus driver who helps navigate a bus full of children through the 2018 wildfire
Cameras using artificial intelligence can help agencies create smarter wildfire response plans
Maui officials say other methods of alerting residents would have been used if they knew of cellphone outages
Regulators are facing insurance companies not renewing policies due to high risk
Wildfire in the Wharton State Forest is 75% contained according to latest update
The Maui fire report points at equipment, communication and a lack of mutual aid plans
Loveland Fire Rescue Authority’s wildfire coordinator will launch a campaign to educate the public on wildfire preparation
The U.S. Forest Service has created 44 leadership teams for large fires and hopes to hire over 11,000 firefighters
One Mooreland firefighter remains in critical but stable condition
From fit and comfort to protection from the elements, here are key features to look for
Advancements in flight distances and speed, object identification and transport, logistics and autonomy are moving almost as fast as the industry itself
Firefighter James C. Ward collapsed while fighting a fire in Scott County
The Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission members detail recommendations for a Senate committee
Maui Mayor Richard Bissen pledge to focus on housing, evacuation routes and additional firefighters in address
The Texas A&M Forest Service and Stanford University School of Medicine collected data from firefighters wearing an Apple Watch and air quality sensor
The Emergency Drinking Water for Wildland Firefighters program is an expansion of Anheuser-Busch’s longstanding tradition of providing emergency drinking water and supplies for disaster relief efforts
Jim Meyer suffered a broken vertebra and multiple skull fractures when the tree struck him during training