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Beginning in July, the county’s nine individual volunteer departments will be placed into the hierarchy of the Napa County Fire Department
Japanese firefighters spent five days with CAL FIRE Butte County firefighters learning about tactics in Western-style buildings
Oroville had only one mechanic, a vacancy in staffing, and was falling behind schedule
CAL FIRE Chief Joe Tyler criticized the series “Fire Country” as a misrepresentation of the department, loaded with inaccuracies
The first of seven C-130’s could be in service by the end of 2024
The San Diego Sheriff’s Department flight crew, which teams with a CAL FIRE crew, must undergo several months of intense training
Other possible causes, such as campfires, target shooters, smoking, debris burning and vehicles, were rejected, a CAL FIRE peace officer said
Fire service leaders reflect on the life and legacy of the former California state fire marshal, visonary leader and friend to many
Chief Coleman is remembered for his vast service and passion to advance fire service education, safety and leadership
Assistant Chief Josh Bischof and Captain Tim Rodriguez are remembered as “the absolute best the fire service has ever had”
Crewmembers have been clearing roads and helping people get to safety
The Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit location has things the old station lacked — a restroom, an office and two bays instead of one for fire engines and equipment
The Riverside County engine was parked on the shoulder of 60 Freeway to block traffic
Both men admitted that they knowingly supplied the fentanyl that killed 43-year-old Brian M. Parrish
No one expects TV fire dramas to be documentaries, but the newest addition to the mix is so unrealistic that a CAL FIRE chief disavowed it
Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized the potential tax to fund electric vehicle programs as a publicly funded handout for ride-share companies
Local 2881 President Tim Edwards said more hiring may lead to shorter stints working on wildfires and shorter regular weekly shifts, which now last 72 hours
Chief Joe Tyler called the TV series “a misrepresentation of the professional all-hazards fire department and resource protection agency that CAL FIRE is”
A spokesperson said CAL FIRE gave Samuel Thomas Lanier a conditional job offer but he had not started; Lanier said he needs income to repay the government
Samuel Thomas Lanier’s companies submitted multiple fraudulent requests, including one for firefighter and EMT training; he faces sentencing Monday
Crewmembers were doing maintenance on a transport truck at the Placerville Fire Center when the vehicle’s engine compartment ignited
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. said that USFS and CAL FIRE officials reported in an initial assessment “that the fire started in the area of the utility’s power line”
Marinee Zavala focuses on the unique cross-border collaboration and relationship between Tijuana and San Diego-area firefighters
Containment of the state’s biggest fire has remained at 20% since Tuesday as firefighters have built new containment lines
At just 20% containment, the Mosquito Fire has destroyed 70 homes and structures and is threatening 9,000 more
Firefighting pilots have been using the gear to combat the Fairview and Mosquito Fires
One firefighter hurt in the Fresno County wildfire remains hospitalized
The agreement would require approval from union members and the legislature