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Burnsville Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Finseth was part of the SWAT team and one of three first responders killed on Feb. 18
Police arrested the lieutenant and charged him with strangulation during a call in Brooklyn
A candlelight vigil was held in front of the Burnsville City Hall for the fallen officers and firefighter/paramedic
Bloomfield police checking on the well-being of a person found a working house fire
A San Francisco Rescue 2 firefighter was lowered by CHP helicopter to rescue the boy
A 911 call about a shooting in East Lansdowne led to a violent standoff and house fire
Four pieces of construction equipment were burned at a site near the planned training center
A man jumped out of the ambulance, assaulted a police officer and refused commands to drop a metal object
Benjamin Cunha pleaded not guilty to charges related to improvised explosive devices in El Dorado County and Sacramento County
Vancouver paramedics were treating a patient when their squad was stolen and later abandoned
Firefighters and U.S. Secret Service personnel responded to a report of fire and people trapped
The Allentown Bomb Squad responded to a fire in Salisbury Township to handle fireworks, black powder reportedly in the basement
FBI agents confirmed the indentity of West Valley Fire Rescue Fire Chief Frank Dahlquist by talking with his former colleagues
Buildings at Millersville University slated for demolition have become training ground for firefighters and police officers
Chicago Firefighter Omotayo Kassim was granted pretrial release in a detention hearing over a shooting after a vehicle collision