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Leadership is one of the critical components of a successful crew, fire department and the fire service as a whole. The FireRescue1 Leadership resource page shares a variety of news, original analysis, podcasts and videos to enhance leadership throughout the ranks.

The Microsoft/CrowdStrike failure exposed glaring vulnerabilities to our systems and now serves as a critical reminder to train on contingency plans
Guidance for embracing strategic, integrated community risk reduction
Four key steps for minimizing incident command challenges
Trenton Fire Director Kenneth Douglas’ earlier patch controversy is overshadowed by fixing firehouses, buying new gear and improving morale
The Decatur mayor and a fire department lieutenant are in conflict over comments made during an EMS call and social media posts about city leadership and a fatal police shooting.
State officials determined that the lone vendor selected to write the AAR was not compliant with state policies
Somers Fire Chief David Lenart interviews volunteer fire officers in his podcast “The Volley Chief”
From joyriding caught on camera to improper comments about a tragedy, firefighters must employ strong decision-making to uphold the public trust
FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said she wrestled with the decision for many months
Chiefs John Oates and Dena Ali break down the latest survey findings related to fire department leadership at all levels
Following the Trump assassination attempt, first responders are fired or suspended for their social media comments
The Prospect Park fire chief apologized to the department and residents, saying he was sorry for putting the borough fire company in a negative light
How to get the best bang for your buck, especially when tapping into personal funds for work items
The now-former Americus Hose Company fire captain made a post on X related to the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump
Laura Kavanagh says she plans to help with the transition in leadership
N.Y. fire officials said the proposed standards are costly and could affect recruitment and response times.
After decades of work in the firefighter counseling space, Leto shares what he’s learned about resilience, relationships and the healing power of doing good
Clay City Fire Department officials placed a firefighter on leave after a photo showed him wearing an FD T-shirt while riding outside of a car
The former Bedford firefighter alleges the harassment created a fear of “physical violence and/or sabotage”
Chiefs from FDNY, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Charlotte offer lessons from the front lines of past civil unrest
Rapid or poorly managed cultural shifts can lead to resistance, confusion and a breakdown in cohesion among personnel
The fire service must embrace a culture of operating safely and managing risk appropriately
Dolton Firefighters Local 3766 sues mayor and village administrator over missing funds and threats of retaliation
Can firefighters’ dark humor, coupled with resilience, help manage workplace incivility?
As she steps down from the top spot in Baltimore County, Rund takes on a new, family-focused role with the NFFF
Prince George’s County Fire Chief Tiffany Green is removing career firefighters from four firehouses and relocating to fill in gaps in other firehouses
There are several ways to approach your recruitment efforts; which is the best option for your department?