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Leadership is one of the critical components of a successful crew, fire department and the fire service as a whole. Strong leaders support their members and lead by example. The FireRescue1 Leadership resource page shares a variety of news, original analysis, podcasts and videos to enhance leadership throughout the ranks, from officers managing inquisitive new firefighters to chiefs committing to a more inclusive service. Fire service leaders must also focus on key issues, like budget management, the health and wellness of members, cultural change, crisis communications and more.

Sometimes we simply need to be real and lead with a heightened focus on our mission
Interim Sebastopol Fire Chief Jack Piccinini wrote to city officials, politicians and the media about the challenges in the department
Survey respondents share their experiences with staffing stressors
Preliminary report finds Newark firefighters were ill-equipped and had little to no maritime firefighting training
To expand our perspective, we must look outside our insular ideas and accept that we may not have all the answers
Effective recruitment will look different for each agency, but the basics are the same and critical to get right
Firefighters feel generally positive about the job, but they report high stress, and many have considered leaving their organization
How officers mitigate these stressors for the benefit of themselves, their crew and the department as a whole
“We all of kind of came together and said, ‘this is the right thing to do,’” said South Jordan Firefighter Austin Rekoutis
Your system should build the confidence of all your firefighters and administrative employees – and minimize manual work
FireWorks is not one-size-fits-all; it’s all about adaptability and customization for its customers
Identifying the top challenges facing new leaders, plus key guidance to help them succeed as they navigate new responsibilities
Tips for company officers to simplify their approach to leadership and lean into what matters most – the people
Well-crafted fire policies are in the best interest of your department and will help reduce risks to the organization and its members
The uncertainty of complex problems requires flexibility when crafting responses