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Leadership is one of the critical components of a successful crew, fire department and the fire service as a whole. The FireRescue1 Leadership resource page shares a variety of news, original analysis, podcasts and videos to enhance leadership throughout the ranks.

The U.S. Forest Service has created 44 leadership teams for large fires and hopes to hire over 11,000 firefighters
“Our goal is to make sure that when you leave, you are not just more knowledgeable, but also more inspired,” says NFA Superintendent Eriks Gabliks
Putney residents blamed the crisis in the fire department on poor communication and a lack of respect for the members
Spokane Fire Chief Julie O’Berg lists improving firefighter mental health, wellnes as an initial objective
What you do, how you act and the relationships you build now matter down the road, so get out of your comfort zone, put in the work and enjoy the ride
It’s hard to sit back and watch when so much work needs to be done, but your team needs stability, not more chaos
Your crewmembers are your lifeline to survival, so communicate as much as possible
The Fairfax County (Virginia) firefighter-paramedic talks crew bonding, firefighter reproductive health, and banishing ego to create space for vulnerable conversations
Fate of the Springfield Township fire chief and assistant chief is uncertain pending decision from board of trustees
21 Carroll County fire, EMS employees have either quit or been fired in the last 10 months
Syracuse Fire Chief Michael J. Monds is in his seventh year as chief, leading 368 firefighters stationed in 10 firehouses across the city
San Diego hasn’t hired an outsider to run its Fire-Rescue Department in more than two decades, but it’s expected to take a harder look at doing so
From department culture to personal self-reflection, several factors can help you answer the question
Syracuse Fire Chief Michael J. Monds looks back at being a firefighter and offers advice on leadership
How random sampling at the final stage of the hiring process impacted diversity among the ranks
Simple gestures, like checking in after difficult calls or noticing changes in behavior, can make a significant difference
Fire Rescue Systems’ full-suite IMS provides a robust, user-friendly solution that enhances fire department operations
Fire service leaders can take action to increase awareness, access and applicability of these potentially lifesaving programs
In your first 30 days as chief, focus on building your team, embracing individuals with institutional knowledge, and finding a sounding board for new ideas
Lexington Fire Department is one of only seven departments to attain three top accrediations
Simple steps to maintain composure when the scene is anything but routine
The Eugene Springfield (Oregon) Fire battalion chief details the importance of a shared vision of learning and training at every organization
FRCE’s Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance spotlighted four efforts to minimize occupational cancer risks
Key questions to get you started
Effective mutual aid agreements are built on professional relationships, shared goals, and trust
Oroville had only one mechanic, a vacancy in staffing, and was falling behind schedule
Firefighters get real about one of the biggest issues facing the industry and how to fix it
You will be pulled in many directions and take some shots from outsiders, so it’s important to have a support system