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Mayday events can stop an incident in its tracks, as the team refocuses efforts on locating a downed, trapped or disoriented firefighter. Firefighters are encouraged to call a mayday whenever they feel they need help from fellow crewmembers and not wait until it is too late to be reached. The FireRescue1 Mayday resource page provides essential information on how to train for mayday events, video on how to prevent mayday events, details of the rapid-intervention team, plus news of mayday events and Rapid Response analysis of mayday incidents.

Due to the interior collapse, a mayday was declared and all firefighters were accounted for, D.C. Fire said
Roll on/roll off vessels like the Grande Costa d’Avorio can pack thousands of vehicles of various conditions
Investigative report looks at how two Newark firefighters were rescued during the Grande Costa d’Avorio fire
A Chicago firefighter was injured after falling through a floor in a South Side blaze
Columbus firefighters have had successful outcomes in two mayday incidents
Wichita firefighters were moving up to the third floor to rescue occupants when the stairway collapsed
Converse, Texas firefighters go outside and work on overcoming obstacles to package and remove a downed firefighter
Fire dynamic simulations and firefighter interviews create lessons and recommendations from a Cobb County fire in which four firefighters were burned
Orange County firefighters returning from an EMS call came across the burning church
A Woodbury firefighter was quickly rescued after he was caught in a floor collapse
The ATF fire modeling research focused on the role of corrugated stainless-steel tubing in the death of Howard County Firefighter Nathan Flynn
Anniston firefighters will have LUNAR devices added to their gear to enhance safety and communication
A ceiling collapse injured a FF during a shopping center fire in Reisterstown
Memphis firefighters became trapped while fighting a house fire Tuesday evening
This unique mayday drill is highly realistic and physically demanding