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Rapid Intervention

The mission often requires a dynamic loadout of equipment based on probable risk factors and the construction and occupancy type of the fire building
A grant from Firehouse Subs allows the Altoona Fire Department to purchase buddy breathing systems, TICs and RIT bags
Converse, Texas firefighters go outside and work on overcoming obstacles to package and remove a downed firefighter
Orange County firefighters returning from an EMS call came across the burning church
A Woodbury firefighter was quickly rescued after he was caught in a floor collapse
The ATF fire modeling research focused on the role of corrugated stainless-steel tubing in the death of Howard County Firefighter Nathan Flynn
Memphis firefighters became trapped while fighting a house fire Tuesday evening
Traditional methods can be cumbersome under high-stress conditions
Crews should train on implementing IRICs and placing rescue tools, all while following key standards
How to manage inside-out rescues, who runs command, when to engage the suppression team and more questions addressed
A Rapid Intervention Team removed the Bridgeport firefighter from the burning house, and an EMS crew transported him to a hospital
A mayday was called, and the firefighter was transported to an area hospital
The Middletown community is rallying to support Shawn Menear, who was flown to a Philadelphia hospital after sustaining burns in a collapse
Officials confirmed the deceased members include Lt. Paul Butrim, Firefighter-Paramedic Kelsey Sadler and EMT-Firefighter Kenny Lacayo
ICs need training reps to practice strategic deployment of resources, backup plans and communication skills