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Fireground Operations

If it’s happening on the fireground, we’re covering it on FireRescue1.

It’s time to go beyond the free-flowing storytelling to maximize our after-action reviews
A crane near a cargo ship burned underneath the Walt Whitman Bridge
Fire in an oven extended into the roof of the Fremont factory
Detailing how CAFS helps reduce exposure to chemicals, chemical compounds, and carcinogens during interior structural firefighting
Firefighter Kevin Paulicelli was given hydroxocobalamin after he collapsed inside the burning house
San Jose firefighters were able to keep the fire from extending into exposures
Back to basics – sounding and walking on the roof, using roof ladders, working from an aerial, cutting the hole and punching through
Oakland house has a history of being occupied by squatters
Benton County Fire District 1 stated the 525,000-square-foot cold storage warehouse in Finley is too unstable to enter
Mutual aid response credited with keeping Durham barn fire from destroying an attached residence
ICs must base their decisions on experience, lessons learned and the intel coming in from crewmembers
Sacramento firefighters faced heavy fire at the rear of the room-and-board home
Identifying drone needs, building training program, and deploying on the incident scene
A fire in an abandoned house in Oakland extended into the attic of a house next door displacing 12 occupants
The event seeks to establish a global fire service leadership network dedicated to supporting and strengthening the fire service around the world
A Cleveland firefighter was injured in a porch collapse during a house fire
DeKalb County firefighters faced occupants who jumped from windows during an apartment fire
Known for its use in sparklers, magnesium fire’s unique flame color is not the only odd thing about it
Tanker carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline on I-95 in Norwalk was involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer and a car
Drivers honking horns, neighbors banging on doors get the attention of firefighters as Huntington Park firehouse burns
A fire in a Brooklyn supermarket quickly extended into residential structures
Allentown firefighters faced fire on the third floor of an end unit that was extending into the exposures
Eight Spokane firefighters were inside when the roof of the US Bank building collapsed
How to increase the impact of suppression efforts at structure fires
Several firefighters were injured during the blaze at a popular Destin restaurant
More than 200 firefighters, lifeguards and police officers poured in from Oceanside and nearby cities to help extinguish the fire
Milford firefighters quickly knocked down fire on the roof before it extended into the home’s interior
First-arriving Brooklyn companies faced fire on two floors extending into an exposure