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Fireground Operations

If it’s happening on the fireground, we’re covering it on FireRescue1. Read Chief Keith Padgett’s analysis of commercial fireground tactics and the importance of preplanning, as well as Chief Michael Despain’s article on understanding fire loss estimates and the impact on fireground operations. Learn how a hoseline delay can linger through a response, and how data can be used to inform decisions made on scene. Review go/no-go vertical ventilation decision-making, and listen to an episode of the Code 3 Podcast about developing command presence. And, of course, read about the latest safety techniques to protect members.

The 33,000-square-foot structure had been empty for eight years
Crews from eight fire departments responded to the explosion in Hillsboro
Allentown firefighters let the roof of the converted house burn instead of sending firefighters into the attic
Fire on all floors of a three-decker extended into another home and displaced 29 occupants
The fireground can be a dangerous place for a number of reasons and firearm discharges are one of them
In buildings with additional fortification, it’s critical for crews to utilize forcible entry skills to establish sufficient entry and exit points
The San Diego Sheriff’s Department flight crew, which teams with a CAL FIRE crew, must undergo several months of intense training
The mayor said the restructuring of the town’s public safety operations is the rationale behind the change
The fire that spread quickly over 8 acres was fed by pallets, cars, construction materials, hand sanitizer and other items being stored under the freeway in an industrial neighborhood
Atlantic City firefighters faced a wind-driven fire in front of the Resorts casino
Piles at the Penn Township facility cover more than 670,000 square feet
Modesto firefighters are placing electric vehicles in a large dumpster for a cool-down period after the fire
Fergus Falls firefighters were assisted by mutual aid departments in protecting the wooden main elevator
Firefighter Andrew “Drew” Price loved being a firefighter and was loved by many
Residents at Reserve at LaVista Walk said fire alarms regularly go off at the apartment complex