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Building Construction

The building construction resource page includes important information about how structures are designed and how such construction factors affect building strength, likelihood of collapse, interior layouts and other issues that could compromise firefighter safety.

There are hundreds of acronyms in the fire service, but these two are a must for fireground operations
The Harris building in San Bernardino County has holes in the floors, damaged stairwells and open elevator shafts
Video shows the moment large sign awnings fell onto firefighters during a 3-alarm fire in Manhattan
New York City has over 1 million buildings, most of which predate 1960.
Homes with outdated wiring, combustible decks were built before code prohibited balloon frame construction
Two houses were destroyed and two others damaged during a fire at a construction site in San Luis Obispo
Two Clearview Fire Department firefighters were trapped when the roof of a burning garage collapsed in Curwensville Borough
New ordinance allows the fire chief to declare a building a “public nuisance” and have a structure torn down
Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater is promoting stricter regulation of corrugated stainless steel tubing
Fire in an affordable housing unit under construction in Redwood City began on the fifth floor
A large fire tears through a housing development under construction in Redwood City
The St. Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral church was featured in the 1978 movie “The Deer Hunter”
The overcrowded club lacked the required exits, firewalls and fire alarms in the 1977 tragedy
Videos show firefighters running to escape a collapsing wall during a fire in Pottsville
The museum posted on its website that nearby construction crane activity led to concerns about building stability
Officials report multiple injuries and damage in Portage and Kalamazoo
Eight Spokane firefighters were inside when the roof of the US Bank building collapsed
Changes would increase safety at construction sites like the South Park site that burned in 2023
Divers from multiple agencies are using sonar and infrared technology in the search for survivors
Five considerations for first-arriving crews to prevent the situation from deteriorating
A mayday was transmitted after a collapse trapped Baltimore County firefighters
One firefighter was injured, nine residents displaced by the fire in Chinatown
Columns in the Surfside collapse that killed 98 people did not meet 1980s standards
Employees told a supervisor about beams “bowing” the day before the fatal collapse
An outside-in fire extended into the attic space of a row of Whitehall townhomes
Bill the the Colorado House would allow single-stair developments to reach up to five stories
First things first: You do not get to cut holes anymore!
Know the construction methods, decking types and design approach that could impact your rooftop operations