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Fire Safety Codes

Inspectors found several eased space sites across the state failed inspections in the aftermath of the Nov. freeway fire
Hundreds visit the Station Fire Memorial Park each year to pay their respects
Firefighters, inspectors faced smoldering batteries made from cannibalized parts inside the Queens scooter shop
Authorities said it is too early to determine if the violations had a part in the Lutsen Lodge fire
11 people were displaced in the latest fire in Lawrence that involved illegal apartments in the basement, attic
Suit claims victims’s rights were violated by unsafe conditions in public housing rowhome where 12 people died
After two people died in an illegal attic apartment fire, records show the New Britain landlord had been uncooperative
New Britain firefighters faced a top-floor fire and an injured person who had jumped to escape the flames
More than 25 complaints were lodged against the building last month alone, per city records
Firefighters scoured the debris using buckets, power tools and heavy equipment to ensure no one was trapped
Two workers were killed in the massive SouthPark construction site fire in Charlotte in May
The FDNY has recorded 243 fires, 124 injuries and 17 deaths related to lithium-ion batteries in 2023
Mayor Eric Adams’s contact with then-Commissioner Daniel Nigro about safety violations is discovered in a wider corruption investigation
Investigators determined it was arson that caused the fire under the section of I-10, burning construction items stored underneath
The captain of the Conception was found guilty of seaman’s manslaughter in deadly maritime disaster