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Artificial Intelligence

The FireRescue1 Artificial Intelligence topic features content related to the use of artificial intelligence in emergency services and the new technology’s impact on firefighters and EMS providers.

The FDNY will be using additional data from the university to look at increasing traffic and call volume
Fire service leaders converged at the IAFC Technology Summit International to address improved analytics, the future of NERIS and the potential impact of AI
Cameras used by the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority will rely on AI to spot wildfires
Artificial intelligence is being tested to see how it can answer non-emergency calls, reducing dispatchers’ workload
Using regional geographical, topographical information the AI system picks up on aberrations like new fire starts in the camera feed
Researchers said once the AI model was familiar with firefighter-specific medical data, it was able to identify 6,000 abnormal ECG samples with 97% accuracy
A proposal would create a $2 million pilot program to mount cameras on mountaintops in high-risk areas
From social posts, to ingredient-based recipes and training content, learn how this in-demand chatbot can be incorporated into day-to-day public safety tasks
From augmented reality to wearables and data visualization, technology is making the future of firefighting safer
CognitiveEMS, developed by University of Virginia researchers, provides prompts to support responders’ decision-making
Sonoma County fire officials will “teach” an artificial intelligence system to identify smoke and avoid false positives
AI has the potential to transform the way firefighters respond to incidents on the fireground