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Taking place each year during the third full week of June, the Safety Stand Down highlights critical safety, health, and survival issues for fire and emergency services personnel. Departments are encouraged to suspend all non-emergency activities during the week to focus their attention on safety and health education efforts. A week is provided to ensure that all duty shifts can participate. The Stand Down is sponsored by the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section, the NVFC and the NFPA.

The SSD crew shares tips for how departments can maximize this year’s training event, June 16-22
The campaign emphasizes the importance of training by reinforcing proper strategies and tactics with a focus on the fundamentals
See how Miami-Dade, San Diego and other departments use social media to increase public awareness about lithium-ion battery fire dangers
Eric Valliere, chair of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association, spoke with FireRescue1 about this year’s safety push around electric batteries
Deputy Chief Darin Wallentine details this year’s Firefighter Safety Stand Down theme, from EVs to e-bikes and beyond
Incorporating the annual theme into training takes planning, repetition and creativity
10 ways to incorporate the Firefighter Safety Stand Down theme into training and education activities
In advance of Stand Down week, Lexipol has released updated Fire Procedures that address several issues involved with lithium-ion batteries
Taking place June 18-24, the weeklong event encourages firefighters to focus training on the theme “Lithium-ion batteries: Are you ready?”
Connecting the 2022 Firefighter Safety Stand Down theme to seatbelt use
It’s important to share the mental workload
Overcoming complacency is critical
Errors in decision-making can lead to flawed tactics and tragic outcomes
Physically demanding work performed over extended periods of time can lead to mental fatigue, impacting situational awareness
Preplan your escape routes, and consider your options to flee, hide or fight back
Under rapidly changing conditions, errors in decision-making can lead to flawed tactics and tragic outcomes
First responders not only face “D-Drivers” but also cognitively blinded drivers distracted by the flashing lights
Crews can become so accustomed to the routines of patient care that tasks become automatic, with reduced communications and overall scene awareness
The 2022 Firefighter Safety Stand Down focuses on practical applications of situational awareness, on and off the incident scene
As we approach Stand Down Week, June 19-25, take this Safety Stand Down quiz to test your situational awareness knowledge
Fire service leaders are encouraged to conduct informational sessions related to COVID-19 vaccines at each station Jan. 9-15
Six steps to help organize your department’s rehab practices, training and implementation
Agencies across the country are sharing their resources, activities for post-incident physical and psychological health
On-scene rehab is vital to firefighters’ health; here’s how firefighters can set aside a week to focus on rehab
The program scheduled for June 20-26 seeks to bring attention to post-incident physical and psychological health