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Situational Awareness

Over 20 states have enacted legislation to provide digital mapping, site-specific labeling, critical details to first responders
Ascent is inviting fire departments in the Chicagoland area on March 19th from 9:00am to 12:00pm to experience third-party validated indoor tracking technology
The Chico Fire Department will receive over $348K to purchase a cancer screening program and Tablet Command software
Understand the differences between the types of TIs will help identify the units that work best for your members
A dramatic rescue in Michigan highlights the importance of honing situational awareness and avoiding tunnel vision
Fire service leaders address size-up, situational awareness, roadway safety, proper PPE, complacency, go/no-go decision-making and more
Find out how one rural fire department went mobile and improved communication among its volunteers and the department’s situational awareness
Reviewing historic fires enhances fireline safety by building context and familiarity with high-risk scenarios
Firefighters must remain vigilant at explosion response scenes, particularly when the blast source has yet to be identified
The fire service must heed relevant warnings to prepare for predictable major events and increase department resilience for the truly unpredictable events
Find out how one rural fire department went mobile and improved communication among its volunteers and the department’s situational awareness
Connecting the 2022 Firefighter Safety Stand Down theme to seatbelt use
Physically demanding work performed over extended periods of time can lead to mental fatigue, impacting situational awareness
Preplan your escape routes, and consider your options to flee, hide or fight back
Under rapidly changing conditions, errors in decision-making can lead to flawed tactics and tragic outcomes
First responders not only face “D-Drivers” but also cognitively blinded drivers distracted by the flashing lights
Crews can become so accustomed to the routines of patient care that tasks become automatic, with reduced communications and overall scene awareness
The 2022 Firefighter Safety Stand Down focuses on practical applications of situational awareness, on and off the incident scene
Enterprise Control Systems says its products will improve situational awareness and collaboration among services
Understand the different types of trafficking, the visual and behavioral cues to watch for, and what actions to take if you suspect trafficking
Detailing the six components of this information-gathering strategy that increases situational awareness and reduces risk
A Chicago Fire Department spokesman said more residents could have died if firefighters hadn’t responded as quickly
Moore Fire Department Lt. Alex Meron and Paramedic Chelsee Meron found the man pulseless in the baggage claim area
Gordon Graham offers tips for how to use situational awareness and planning to foster safer operations with aerial ladders
Detailing situational awareness, size-up and firefighter orientation during this vital operation
Six takeaways from the USFA, NHTSA best practices to protect fire and EMS providers responding to incidents of civil unrest