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Lithium-ion battery fires: A ‘relevant, recent and important’ challenge for firefighters

Deputy Chief Darin Wallentine details this year’s Firefighter Safety Stand Down theme, from EVs to e-bikes and beyond

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How many lithium-ion batteries do you have in your house? We’ve all got ’em, which means there are countless opportunities for them to spark. On this episode of the Better Every Shift podcast, Zam and Janelle speak with Deputy Chief Darin Wallentine about the Firefighter Safety Stand Down, this year focused on Li-ion battery fires. Wallentine, who represents the IAFC’s Safety, Health and Survival section, one of the Stand Down partner organizations, highlights training opportunities and resources, shares life safety messaging for the community, and addresses the evolution of the Li-ion battery issue, from EVs to e-bikes and beyond.

We dig into all of this:

  • Behind the scenes of the theme-selection process
  • Extinguishment tools for Li-ion battery fires
  • The newest Li-ion battery dangers
  • Don’t miss: A big tip for people charging e-mobility devices at home
  • Resources roundup: FireRescue1 Safety Stand Down resource center

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