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#SafetyStandDown social roundup: FDs teach the public about the risks of lithium-ion batteries

See how Miami-Dade, San Diego and other departments use social media to increase public awareness about lithium-ion battery fire dangers


Miami-Dade Fire Rescue/Facebook

By FireRescue1 Staff

The IAFC’s Safety Stand Down 2023 theme, “Lithium-Ion Batteries: Are You Ready?” provided critically important training information for firefighting and firefighter health and safety. With #safetystanddown2023 fire departments across the country shared how they were training their personnel on this topic.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Live Fire Training

Miami-Dade firefighters spent the week training on lithium-ion battery fires that included using Isolation Blankets and a specially designed EV nozzle.

Virginia Beach, Va. Fire Department

The Virginia Beach Fire Department reminded its citizens to be smart about the use, storage and disposal of lithium-ion batteries.

Jacksonville, Fla.

The Jacksonville Fire Department shared what “thermal runaway” is and what citizens should immediately do in the case of a fire.

West Palm Beach, Fla. Fire Department

On Instagram, the West Palm Beach Fire Department provided valuable tips on e-bikes and scooters.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

San Diego Fire-Rescue Hazmat battalion chiefs shared lithium-ion battery safety tips in a Facebook video.

Tampa, Fla. Fire Rescue

Tampa citizens were told that their firefighters would be focusing on responding to lithium-ion battery fires.

Montgomery County, Md. Fire Rescue Services

Fire recruits in Montgomery County learned about lithium-ion battery fires and how to educate the public about the dangers.

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