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Fire Department Management

The fire department management topic focuses on fire service leadership, from the high-level management issues facing fire chiefs to the administrative functions and budget issues that impact day-to-day operations.

NVFC Massachusetts Director Joe Maruca appeared before a Homeland Security subcommittee to present the hardships the proposed standard would have on volunteer departments
Deputy Fire Commissioner Jeffrey W. Thompson joined the department in 1989 and worked out of one of the busiest firehouses in the city
How to shift your leadership style from one of crew ownership to stewardship
The CPF measures the time available to respond to incidents from their district within the designated response time parameters
Chapter 4 of this comprehensive desk reference about EMS in the U.S. untangles the origin and history of the EMS Star of Life
Download this FireRescue1 incident management software buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Data shows Vacaville firefighters are responding to more calls and completing more training
Firefighting was crowned most-stressful job; understanding what makes it so is key to reducing that stress
State fire association official believes improvements are needed but proposed regulations are not achievable for small departments
Fire Chief
Mayor Todd Gloria’s selection comes after firefighters launched an online petition in support of Deputy Chief Robert Logan
Newport News first responders had not followed protocols and incorrectly declared Quandrell Williams dead
Lessons learned from organizational culture-focused research
The East Franklin Fire Department has until June 30 to sign a contract or turn in gear and cease operations
New ordinance allows the fire chief to declare a building a “public nuisance” and have a structure torn down
Voters in Missoula approved a fire levy to increase staffing, purchase equipment and build a new fire station
Suisun City Fire Chief Brad Lopez said many of the department’s goals will require strategic financial planning
Fire Chief
Firefighters and civilians have signed an online petition to have Deputy Chief Robert Logan be selected as the next fire chief
NVFC urges fire and EMS personnel to review the proposed standard, understand its potential impact on their communities and prepare their comments for OSHA
SAFER grant will allow Mankato Public Safety to put a day shift at Station2
Hanover Fire Station 2 housed a fire engine, tender and two brush units
Reflecting on OSHA requirements and the position paper that has everyone talking
City council hearing finds that the proposed budget does not cover all recommended changes based on the Stricker Street fire that killed three firefighters
Every little thing counts, whether related to equipment, operations, or communication
Fire service leaders must shift their recruitment and retention strategies
From showing appreciation to explaining the “why,” there are several ways to help minimize attrition rates at your department
All of these questions would be asked as “What would you do if ... " questions
Here are some common (and two uncommon) questions you may encounter on a typical entry-level oral board
Fire Chief
Keep clear and visible lines of command and continuously observe, orient, decide and act to bring calm to the chaos at an emergency scene