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Fire Department Management

The fire department management topic focuses on fire service leadership, from the high-level management issues facing fire chiefs to the administrative functions and budget issues that impact day-to-day operations.

Download this FireRescue1 fire department records management systems buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Eric Linnenburger shares his insights on officer development, plus his own recent promotion from battalion to deputy chief
Waterford Fire Chief Kevin Hafemann resigned after a meeting that the former fire commission chair said violates state law
Understand the distinction and implication of Congressionally Directed Spending and Community Project Funding
It’s time to go beyond the free-flowing storytelling to maximize our after-action reviews
Change in Fort Worth will make MedStar employees members of the fire department
Colleen Windsor claimed the Orange County Fire Authority had a “well-documented history of chauvinism and misogyny”
What are the rules for discipline at the chief officer level?
Fire Chief
Alexandria Interim Fire Chief Jim Schwartz stated that staff are reviewing years of call data to assess the impact on neighborhoods
Key focus areas include after-action reviews, expectation-setting, daily learning opportunities and openness to difficult conversations
Two officers offer their insights into the benefits of mentorship
The program forgives the remaining home loan balances for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs or paramedics serviced by CCM who have died in the line of duty
June event in Ontario will honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of firefighters
The Winslow Township Fire Department created one “super station” to deal with a decrease in firefighter staffing
Officials for Central Pierce Fire & Rescue, Graham Fire & Rescue and Orting Valley Fire and Rescue have taken first steps in putting plan before voters
Fire Chief
Waterford Fire Chief Kevin Hafemann said plans to split fire, EMS into separate organizations was done without his input
Back to basics – sounding and walking on the roof, using roof ladders, working from an aerial, cutting the hole and punching through
Orange County Fire Authority’s Organizational Doctrine became a North Star for the agency
The uncertainty of complex problems requires flexibility when crafting responses
A mission statement explains the why, and a leader’s intent explains the how
Avoid three common errors – miscoding; inaccurate or omitted time recording; and incomplete, brief or poor narratives
This structured environment for presenting real-world scenarios fosters a space for critical thinking and healthy debate
Middletown firefighters came to rescue for a delivery to The Shepherd Home for veterans
Sam Sloan donated the money to the Calhoun Volunteer Fire Department to help make improvements
Hiring the right wellness coordinator for your agency is an investment in the health and resilience of your entire organization
Video is the latest in a dispute between a Piscataway fire chief and a neighbor over a shared alleyway
Identifying drone needs, building training program, and deploying on the incident scene
A debate forms over what is an emergency for a Longview man and first responders