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Firefighter Death

The death of a firefighters is a tragic event, not only for the firefighters’ family and friends but also their fire service family. The FireRescue1 Firefighter death information and resources page shares news about firefighter line-of-duty deaths (LODDs), off-duty deaths, memorials and remembrance events, and how the fire service can honor its fallen brothers and sisters.

Firefighter Marvin Gruber and First Assistant Chief Zachary Paris of the Community Fire Company died of asphyxia and thermal injuries in the 2022 fire
The Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company said there was a limited amount of space on the back of Corey Comperatore’s coat
Eric Trump told an official that someone from the family will be in attendance at the funeral for Firefighter Corey Comperatore
A Coon Creek firefighter was killed and two firefighters were injured when their fire engine crashed
Rescue Specialist and Paramedic Matthew King of Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue and three sheriff’s office members were killed while returning from a wildfire
Orlando attorney Dan Newlin is also giving $100,000 to the families of those injured at the rally
As we honor a fallen brother, we must consider our personal readiness to face tragedy and take action
Firefighter Daniel Foley was assigned to Fremont-Winema National Forest
Helen Comperatore says she has no ill will towards Biden, but her husband would not want her to take a call from the president
Corey Comperatore, a former Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company chief, used his body as a shield to protect his wife and daughter as bullets rang out, loved ones say
Sterling Fire Lt. Garrett Ramos died after falling through the floor of a burning home in rural Rock Falls
Police call the fatal shooting of Birmingham Firefighter Jordan Melton one of the most horrific crime scenes in the city’s recent history
Affton Fire Protection District Captain James Cova was known as a dedicated member with more than 23 years of service
Fort Myers Fire Department officials plan to make Nathaniel Lee Wilcox an honorary firefighter
Officials said the plane was scooping water from the Hauser Reservoir while fighting the Horse Gulch Fire northeast of Helena
Chittenden Captain Charlie Parker was found unresponsive inside the fire station
Singac Fire Chief Vincent Dransfield was buried with his favorite hat proclaiming him the “oldest active fireman in the U.S.A.”
Sun Prairie Firefighter Cory Barr was killed while evacuating people from a gas leak in 2018
Boone County Fire Protection District Assistant Fire Chief Matt Tobben and another firefighter had rescued two people when their boat capsized
Residents of Liberty County had hoped for a good outcome during the search for the missing firefighters
Captain Michael Harp was a 27-year veteran, a member of Utah Task Force 1 and had been deployed to Ground Zero during the Sept. 11 attacks
The two Liberty County firefighters had been missing since June 24
Oakland Firefighter Caeden Laffan, 25, was in the area for the California Firefighter Summer Games
Through the televised memorial service, books and big screen dramatization, countless Americans discovered the story of 19 fallen firefighters
89 firefighters died on duty — an 8% decline over 2022 but the second-highest number since 2013
Firefighters Edward Gresky Jr. and John McNamee died in the line of duty in 1974 while trying to save others
A week after Cedar Falls Firefighter Brad Sherwood died, his family was dropped from the city’s health insurance
The death of the Charleston 9 brought significant organizational change