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Vincent Bettinazzi

Vince Bettinazzi joined the Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Fire Department in 2007. He currently holds the rank of battalion chief and is assigned as a shift commander on C-Shift. Bettinazzi is a member of the department’s Ocean Rescue Team as a certified USLA lifeguard. He completed the NFA’s Managing Officer Program in 2016, and recently obtained his Chief Fire Officer Designation from CPSE. Bettinazzi is a co-host on the “Beyond the Stretch” podcast.

Avoid three common errors – miscoding; inaccurate or omitted time recording; and incomplete, brief or poor narratives
ICs must base their decisions on experience, lessons learned and the intel coming in from crewmembers
Identifying drone needs, building training program, and deploying on the incident scene
Establish side alpha, stay disciplined in your direction, pay attention to sights and sounds, and use “breadcrumbs” to establish a route
Simple steps to maintain composure when the scene is anything but routine
PPV is not a mindless action but rather a coordinated art
Master the operating pressures, flow rates and features associated with each nozzle type
Go talk to your people and establish your expectations early
While not quite on par with royal pomp and circumstance, there are some powerful fire service traditions we should embrace – and a few to leave in the past
Officers must take personal responsibility for member readiness and plan single-company and multi-company drills to hone their own command skills