How to survive your first 100 days as a battalion chief

Visibility and clear expectations are essential to establishing a strong dynamic with your team

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to battalion chief – a huge honor at any organization.

You did the work, proving you could successfully manage a crew, run a fire scene and manage the personnel side of the house.

As you look toward this next stage of your career, you’ll likely experience several emotions – pride, excitement and anxiety, to name a few.

I know because I’ve been there. In June 2021, I completed my first year as a battalion chief in my organization. As I reflect on the past 365 days in my position as a shift commander, it’s clear that the first 100 days are critical in setting the stage for your management style. Following are some tips to help you survive your first 100 days as a battalion chief. At the end of this article, download a copy of these guiding tips to keep with you and share. 

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