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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is perhaps the most important physical system in firefighter safety. The full ensemble – pants, coat, helmet, hood, gloves and boots – works together to create a protective barrier between firefighters and the hazards they face, whether fire, smoke, sharp objects on extrication scenes or other potentially harmful exposures.

Code Red Fire boots are constructed to meet NFPA certification
Combines next-gen material science and design features that supercharge breathability to address the risk of heat stress
Female firefighters explained how gear designed for men increases their risk of being burned, slows their movements
Footwear should provide optimum agility, fit and comfort in addition to protection from fireground hazards
The Fire Hunter Pro is made of the highest quality, water resistant, and durable European bullhide leather.
AFG 2023 is open — download this guide now for your best chance of success at receiving AFG funding for PPE
From the specifications for soft goods to ratings for electronics in explosive environments, the upcoming consolidation of standards will offer greater protection for firefighters
A NIST study found increased PFAS concentrations after turnout gear textiles were stressed
Every firefighter, new and experienced, can benefit from a quick knowledge check about cancer prevention
How to apply these guides – and where they can be improved for increased use among firefighters
State funding is available to volunteers for facility improvements, PPE and regional training support
Firefighters from several departments responded to the Eagan facility for a fire in between two roofs
Fire Department Superintendent Roman Nelson said firefighters lack the basics for fighting recent swamp fires, wildfires
Firefighter Amanda Keesey shares great gift ideas for this holiday season
Understanding the ensemble and how the components work together provides a solid appreciation of both PPE protections and limitations