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Philip Clark

Philip Clark is a 20-plus-year veteran of the fire and emergency medical services, currently serving as a firefighter with the city of Lenoir, N.C.

What I learned about myself – and the fire service – by attending rookie school two times, 20 years apart
We must be well versed in the proper use of chainsaws and our go-to hand tools
Focus your discussions instead on when and where to mask up, how to deploy the hoseline, and what should occur in rehab
Many firefighters started calling a personal mayday years ago – it’s time to turn the tide
A once obese firefighter, I now have the confidence needed to not only meet my job expectations but excel at them
An argument to take ownership of emergencies, with a “go-now/go-later” mentality
Reviewing building construction, unique hazards, and mistakes and lessons learned from fires in these dangerous occupancies