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Justin Schorr

Justin Schorr is a rescue captain for the San Francisco Fire Department, where he has served as a field paramedic and a firefighter, a field captain and an administrative captain. He is ARFF-qualified and oversees EMS response for San Francisco International Airport. Schorr spent 25 years in the fire service and is experienced in rural, suburban and urban firefighting as well as paramedicine. He runs the blog The Happy Medic.

Unless our patient is carrying a holster or a sign that says, “I have a gun,” I’m not likely to notice it
The uniform tries to hide all the problems, frustrations and disappointments we‘re feeling inside and project a clean, crisp, tough exterior
We are a stubborn breed, but manage to get home safe far more often than not
You’ll need the right equipment, attitude and plenty of tips and tricks to get you ready
Many of those tools, gadgets and devices are not standard issue and can even be made at home
There are no trick question answers or secret handshakes that will land you on a fire department; it takes preparation, planning and work
The day you know you are ready to become a parent is a few months after your first child is born; the same is true for firefighting
These fashion tips won’t leave you Fonzie cool or bucket of ice in front of a fan cool, but they will keep you looking good when it counts
Whether its a firefighter training class or a family vacation, you don’t want to do it sick; here’s how to put the odds in your favor
Follow these steps to be safe and successful when sharing