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First-person perspectives on the job

The day in the life series details the ins-and-outs of fire service life over the course of a single day, shift or week. These first-person perspectives from various ranks of the fire service hierarchy paint an honest picture of the intensity, stress and exhilaration of the job, not to mention the complexity and variability that comes with each shift.

If you’re interested in sharing a look inside a day, shift or week at your department, email with your pitch.

Part of building crew unity is taking the opportunity to have some fun, but there must be room for training – plus all those EMS calls
The engineer serves several roles, from equipment checks to throwing ladders, medic assists and more
The week starts with motivation, weaves through myriad activities, and concludes with a restorative weekend – and possibly some duty officer work
24 hours filled with constant alerts, plus meetings, training and little sleep
Training is king at Houston Station 7
It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the fire service
Fire Chief
A Monday to Sunday breakdown of what’s it’s like to serve as a fire chief for a mid-size fire department