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Newark Public Safety Director, and former fire chief, Rufus Jackson testified that years had gone by with no training for ship fires
AFG and SAFER programs are scheduled to expire on Sept. 30, 2024
Earlier arbitration ruled that Montville could not staff its firehouse with just one firefighter
Legislation and lawsuits grow as the effort to avoid cancer and PFAS-infused materials continues
The leaders of eight industry organizations gathered on stage in Kansas City to share their cooperative vision for the future of the fire service
Call your senators about restoring the proposed $22 million in fire grant program cuts
The Santa Fe County Fire Department firefighters’ union held its first Fire Ops 101 for local legislators
IAFF leaders had resigned themselves to not having the medal for Irmo Firefighter Muller’s family until a stranger called
Eric Valliere, chair of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association, spoke with FireRescue1 about this year’s safety push around electric batteries
In the Glen Falls timeline, the first paid firefighters started work in 1903 working 10 days on and 1 day off
When Diane Cotter’s firefighter husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 she uncovered PFAS in PPE
“NFPA’s process is the gold standard for standards development and involves a proven, consensus-based approach,” said Vice President Lorraine Carli
The funds could go toward building or renovating stations, adding emission control systems, installing backup power systems and building personnel quarters
“The very gear designed to protect firefighters, to keep us safe, is killing us,” said General President Edward Kelly, calling the NFPA standard that requires PFAS needless
“You’ve had my back and I’ll have yours,” said Biden, the first sitting president to speak at the event