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Photo of the Week

Every week, we select a Photo of the Week to feature in our Friday Member Newsletter and on FireRescue1’s Instagram page. Photos can include anything from fireground scenes and crewmembers in action to fire apparatus on display and community events. But don’t let that limit your imagination!

So the next time you come across something inspiring on duty, take out the camera and submit it to FireRescue1! Just remember to include your name, agency information and brief background information on the picture.

Please note that images submitted to FireRescue1 for inclusion in Photo of the Week are unpaid submissions, and we may ask you for permission to use the image with other content in the future. Photos should be current (taken within a month of submission). Safety tip: Never take photos during fire and rescue operations. Ensure that you are fully focused on your crewmembers, and only submit photos taken during safe operations and activities.

Austin firefighters faced a fully-involved house and an unaccounted for occupant
Gilbert Fire & Rescue holds a traditional ceremony for an electric fire engine
Indianapolis Firefighter Sam Fehrer was recognized for the rescue of a child in a structure fire
Fort Lauderdale firefighters arrived to find a yacht burning fiercely
Atlantic City first responders, lifeguards participated in flight exercises off of city’s boardwalk and beach
Los Angeles firefighters practice mayday and survival skills with various props
A police officer gets the opportunity to watch San Rafael firefighters train on the water
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue recruits are in their last week of training putting the lessons together
Charlotte recruits get comfortable working with all types of ground ladders
Converse, Texas firefighters go outside and work on overcoming obstacles to package and remove a downed firefighter
Seminole firefighters were part of a larger number of Fla. firefighters battling fires during Hurricane Idalia
Carmel, Indiana, firefighters train in where not to cut during EV extrication
Firefighters exercised caution while searching for a missing person at an abandoned building fire
Fire and EMS crews in Havertown faced a stabilization and extrication challenge
Rapid City firefighters work on a conveyer belt fire high above the ground