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Medtronic Announces the LIFEPAK® 500 Defibrillator for Public Safety

Medtronic Lifepak® 500 Defib Created by Medtronic, the world leader in medical technology, the LIFEPAK 500 Defibrillator, was designed expressly for Police and Public Safety professionals. The 500 DPS is rugged, reliable, and easy to use, with minimal training. It has the simple operation that’s made LIFEPAK a legacy for decades. Equipped with the latest ADPATIV™ biphasic technology, the 500 DPS is compatible with the LIFEPAK products chosen and trusted by 9 out of the top 10 emergency medical services in the U.S.

Your Partner in Saving a Life
Simple to UseLaw enforcement and fire services personnel can be the first at the scene of a sudden cardiac arrest. The 500 DPS is designed to be easy to use in an emergency-providing lifesaving treatment quickly and effectively. The 500 DPS tells the user exactly what to do next, using visual prompts and voice commands. Preconnected, QUIK-COMBO™ electrodes have pictures that show how to adhere them properly.

Rugged and Reliable
The 500 DPS raises the bar for toughness. Tested for military and public safety environments, it’s our most durable AED. It builds on the reputation of the original LIFEPAK 500 automated external defibrillator, used by thousands since 1996, which has proven its durability and reliability time and time again

The Latest Technology
ADAPTIV biphasic technology adjusts the shock to each person’s needs. It can also provided additional, higher energy shocks (up to 360 joules) if the heart doesn’t respond to the first shock.

Easy to Carry - Anywhere
The 500 DPS is compact, lightweight and portable at just 3.2kg (7 lbs) with battery and electrodes. A flexible carrying case and vehicle mount are optional.

Total Package Solution
At Medtronic Emergency Response Systems customers can choose from a range of products and complementary services to setup and manage an AED program: medical direction, state registration and notification, pricing and leasing options, site assessment, training and skills refreshment, customer support, maintenance, and tracking of program details.

Be sure you’re prepared. Make the 500 DPS your partner in saving a life. For more information on the LIFEPAK 500 Defibrillator, please visit