AVCOMM International Provides First Responders with Reliable Communications Solutions

end picture Avcomm International has earned praises from fire chiefs, fire crew, EMS, apparatus manufacturers and other first responder personnel for understanding simple and reliable communication system needs.

Avcomm systems  include headsets, intercom and multiple radio interface communication devices. Easy Link plug and play cords are exclusive and versatile, allowing you to connect cords to headset ear domes, jack boxes and any mobile or handheld radio interface. We provide headset gel seals that firefighters with or without glasses prefer for comfort and hygienic cloth covers. Above all else, Avcomm is valued for ear safety quality. Our PNR tm audio technology headsets are rated a superior NRR 24DB by the American National Standards Institute.

Maintenance expenses are minimal as under extreme wear conditions, you can easily replace the cord, and not the whole headset. The last thing you want to worry about when your headset needs service is how long it will take to get back and the costs incurred. Simply, take an interchangeable cord from your fire house storage, replace it with your existing headset and you’re back to rescue work

If your safety fleet vehicles have different brands of intercoms, simply select the compatible cord for each system, plug it in and you are ready to work. Do you prefer the cord connection on the right or left side? Simply unplug and reconnect to the other side.

Call or email us directly to talk to a customer service rep, account manager or our Engineering Department. Avcomm will not put you in a voice mail deferral process when you call.

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