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Read What Other Fire Departments are Saying About eDispatches Notification Services

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Read how other fire departments have successfully implemented eDispatches:

As a Chief I understand the need for back up communications. eDispatches provides that back-up communication and more. Although all of our members carry pagers, the coverage is not always the best and eDispatches provides a reliable method to insure incidents are delivered, whether by text or by voice to each member. It is beneficial to me as the Chief as I can keep in touch with daily incidents when I am out of town. Although eDispatches has currently met the needs of the Zion Fire and Rescue Department, the eDispatches staff is always willing listen and make changes that we feel will benefit the department even more.
-Chief John Lewis, Zion Fire and Rescue Department, Zion, Illinois

eDispatches has been wonderful. We are a combination Fire Department in the mountains of Montana and where our pagers don’t work our cell phones do. This coverage problem has made eDispatches a wonderful tool to alert our volunteers and our paid staff who live out of the area to current calls and events. What little support we have needed from eDispatches it has been prompt and wonderful. Thank you for a great product.
-Captain John Moore, Hebgen Basin Fire District, West Yellowstone, Montana

Before using eDispatches, Charleston Fire District relied on a radio system for notification that did not signal all of our pagers due to dead zones. We also have firefighters that do not carry their pagers going to and from work or during other events. eDispatches has provided a secondary notification system that ensures all our firefighter’s receive notification of the emergency since most or all carry a cell phone. Since starting the service last fall I have received several accolades from our firefighters regarding the program. It is also a valuable tool to receive notice when out of town of the District’s emergency activity. The program provides members of our community the outlet to hear our emergency calls from the recordings available on the edispatches web site. The service is well worth the cost and the customer service has been well supported by the staff of eDispatches.
-Chief Michael Sneddon, Charleston Fire District, Coos Bay, OR

eDispatches has been a tremendous success with the members. Everyone loves it. Tech support, when needed has been amazing. The members love how they can still be alerted to calls and announcements even though they don’t have their pager with them. Many members work where it is not practical to wear pagers but now can be alerted to calls on their phones. As Chief, I can be out of town or at work and stay informed as to what is happening in town. It also prevents members from missing calls when their wives or children turn down “that thing that makes all the noise”. Thank You eDispatches.
-Chief Mike Geary, Morris Plains Fire Department, Morris Plains, New Jersey

The Newport Fire Protection District has been extremely satisfied with the eDispatches system. The ability of having multiple alerts and notification options, coupled with the custom messaging function has allowed our members to stay informed regardless of where they might be. Managing the account is simple and straight forward. Tech support works quickly to resolve any issues that on the rare occasion may arise. From paid-on-call to career, eDispatches is a must have resource for keeping Personnel informed.
-Lieutenant Kevin Johnson, Newport Fire Protection District, Wadsworth, IL

Just today eDispatches allowed three extra responders to make a call. All were in town and did not get the page to their Minitor 5’s! With only a minute delay they were aware of the call. We had an extra piece of apparatus on the road and more people on scene. As in today’s daytime call, every member that can make a call counts. Our volunteers are dwindling, we must make the most of everyone we have. The free Custom messaging has been invaluable in getting people to more recalls and drills. The price is right and the product is spot on!
-1st Asst Chief Adam Barish, Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Company, Kinnelon, NJ

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