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The Rescue Cablelight, Innovative New Rescue Product, is Now Ready for Delivery

Burlingame, CA – After years of design and development, Lumiflex, Inc., is pleased to announce that the Rescue Cablelight is now ready for delivery! The Rescue Cablelight, a 200 foot long, 385 degree heat resistive, 480 pounds strong illuminated cable that is flexible and waterproof, is a rugged piece of equipment that is ideal for rescue professionals that operate in low visibility environments. Designed for Firefighters, Urban Search and Rescue, Hazmat, Special Ops, etc., the Rescue Cablelight provides first responders with an illuminated pathway or visible boundary marker, which allows them to work more efficiently and safely, and has the capability to save lives!

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) professionals have purchased the Rescue Cablelight based on the unique solutions it provides for their specific rescue situations. USAR pros are particularly excited by the amount of light that the Rescue Cablelight emits, and that it is a steady, flexible, cool to the touch, 360 degrees of illumination…very important when working amongst uneven surfaces and random obstacles.

Firefighters that tested the Rescue Cablelight during scenario based Rapid Intervention Company (RIC) training reported that it provided them with a clearly visible illuminated pathway, and allowed them to get in to potential victims, and out to safety, quicker and more efficiently. “The Firefighters were surprised to discover an added benefit”, said Alex Parr, President of Lumiflex, Inc., and inventor of the Rescue Cablelight, “since they were able to see where they were going and knew which way was out to safety, they remained calm with reduced heart rates and respirations, gaining critical extra time to continue their life saving work.”

If you would like more information about the Rescue Cablelight, or to schedule an interview with Alex Parr, please contact Lumiflex at 650-340-1309, or email For more features and benefits of the Rescue Cablelight, please visit