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Rosenbauer America’s new N200 high-flow pump is certified at 5,750 gallons per minute

WYOMING, MN., — Rosenbauer America is extremely proud to announce the successful testing and certification of its new N200 carbon fiber, high-flow industrial pump. This is the most powerful, high-flow pump Rosenbauer has ever produced and is officially certified at 5,750 GPM.

In June 2021, Rosenbauer America won the award to build the city of San Francisco’s newest concept combination hose tender + super pumpers. San Francisco’s specification required the trucks to sustain 5,500

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GPM and be equipped with water-relay capabilities to extend the city’s water hydrant system in disaster situations. This apparatus is designed to allow the fire department to reliably protect the city and to supplement the current aging underground hydrant system. The truck’s specifications also included specific layout requirements to accommodate specialized firefighting equipment and hose compliment.

Rosenbauer partners with KASE Pumping Systems: Rosenbauer partnered with KASE Pumping Systems near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to custom engineer this advanced pumping solution to meet the city’s apparatus application requirements.

  • Chris Kleinhuizen, Chief Engineer-Body Production for Rosenbauer Minnesota shared that, “KASE is the proven leader in carbon fiber, submersible pumps and custom engineered fluid transfer solutions. They specialize in corrosion-proof water transfer, emergency apparatus and other industry leading applications.”
  • Chris later said that, “KASE was the natural choice as an innovation partner for this application to compliment Rosenbauer’s over 150 years of leading pump and apparatus manufacturing experience”. Rosenbauer and KASE signed a ten-year exclusive agreement to offer this industry leading, technologically advanced solution.
  • The Rosenbauer N200 high-flow pump was rigorously tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure the specification and application met the requirements for the City of San Francisco. This included extreme-condition cold water testing in the Mississippi River. Chris Kleinhuizen was joined by Ben Sabel (St. Croix Falls Firefighter and Rosenbauer pumps supervisor), John Johnson (Oakdale, MN Firefighter and Rosenbauer Pumps Assembly Specialist), and Matt Hawkins (Rosenbauer Test Pit Supervisor) to successfully complete the certification and final testing requirements.
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Rosenbauer N200 high-flow pump certified at 5,750 GPM: The Rosenbauer N200 high-flow pump is proudly certified at 5,750 GPM or comfortably operate +250 GPM over the required specification.

  • In addition to the successful pumping capabilities, the Rosenbauer custom gearbox allows the apparatus to properly operate at 1400 RPM. This allows the Rosenbauer N200 pump to function much quietervs. traditional municipal pumpers while still pumping nearly three times higher flow for this specialized, industrial application. A quieter fireground offers improved safety and communication for crews to operate.
  • The San Francisco hose tender or super pumper is fully capable of reaching 6,500 GPM that will be certified in future tests.

Chris later went on to say, “We are really excited to deliver this new apparatus to the city of San Francisco, a strategic new customer for us. Rosenbauer is proud to report that San Francisco has since awarded Rosenbauer two additional apparatus since we began this partnership together in 2021”. Chris finished with, “thank you to all the Rosenbauer team members, Burton’s fire, the city of San Francisco and so many others for the countless hours to deliver this successful project outcome. Rosenbauer is committed to innovation and developing new solutions to meet the most severe applications to safely serve communities throughout the world.”

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