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Body Armor Outlet serves and protects against COVID-19

BAO Health Enters New Partnership with GPO MAGNET Group to Provide PPE

SALEM, N.H., – Body Armor Outlet (BAO) a protective equipment business primarily focused on the public safety industry, announced today its expansion into the healthcare industry through the launch of BAO Health.

Protecting the front line, no matter the threat has been BAO’s mission, so when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the company was ready to provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to defend against the virus across the country. With suppliers in several countries around the world and a logistics team to assist with the successful and record time transportation, BAO Health supplies PPE to all 50 states. Typically delivering physical defensive equipment like body armor, BAO Health is now in the business of providing gowns, gloves, goggles, sanitizers, coveralls, thermometers and more.

To help meet the growing demand for PPE in more than just the healthcare industry, BAO Health has partnered with MAGNET GROUP, a nonprofit group purchasing organization (GPO) created to develop contracts on behalf of its members in the niche market of capital equipment.

President of Body Armor Outlet / BAO Health Ray Bellia commented on the partnership, “After a year of delivering critical PPE when many primary supplies suffered from extreme shortages, it is exciting to see a group as well respected as the MAGNET GROUP to welcome us into their network as a primary supplier of PPE.”

“BAO utilized our expertise in sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and contracting to bring one of the most comprehensive rapidly scaling operations to countless states, hospitals, and others,” said Bellia. “We have the capabilities of industry goliaths with the personal touch of a small business. Inclusion, sustainability, and commitment make us the right choice for your equipment needs.”

“MAGNET GROUP’s President Diane Mase commented, “We are pleased to welcome BAO Health and their catalog of PPE supplies to our program.”

About BAO Health
BAO Health formed out of a necessity to assist the company’s current customer base during a time of need. As a leading supplier of personal protective equipment to government agencies around the country, BAO Health answered the call when hospitals and states were in crisis, growing into one of the nation’s top 20 largest pandemic-era suppliers of PPE into the healthcare market. For more information, visit

About MAGNET Group
Founded during the 1979 Middle Atlantic Health Congress, Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services (MAGNET) was created to develop contracts on behalf of its members in the niche market of capital equipment.

Today, MAGNET GROUP serves approximately 9,000 providers, including hospitals, alternate care facilities, physician practices and clinics. As a specialty Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), the company’s portfolio is focused on capital and small medical equipment, facilities related products, select medical products, HR services, technology, and purchased services. To learn more about MAGNET GROUP, visit