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Website offers safekeeping of first responder, military memories

The USFRA-supported website invites fire, EMS, police and military personnel to preserve their legacy with digital content such as photos and audio clips

By News Staff

CORAL GABLE, Fla. — A new website invites first responders to preserve their legacy by uploading memories to a cloud-based platform

The site,, will be free for fire, rescue, EMS, police and military personnel, as well as their loved ones.

Users can upload photographs, voice messages and other content to be delivered on a later date or upon the death of the first responder.

The site was established by technology company Family Legacy USA and is supported by the United States First Responders Association, or USFRA.

“USFRA is proud to partner with Family Legacy USA to spread the word about FRL (First Responders Legacy) to our members and fans across the country,” said USFRA Vice President Janet Liebsch. “It may give some peace of mind in case they make the ultimate sacrifice.”

Family Legacy USA Founder and CEO Michael Anzalone was inspired to create the site after the death of his father, a World War II veteran.

Anzalone called his father’s phone for a final time, heard his voice on the recorded message and was propelled to develop the technology to preserve family memories in a unique way.

The company is seeking partners and supporters to keep the service free of charge for public servants and their families.