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Mirion Technologies and Lexipol launch on-demand webinar on grant assistance for radiation detection tools

No-cost information session guides agencies through the process of securing grant funds for critical radiation detection equipment

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The leading AccuRad™ PRD Personal Radiation Detector, from Mirion Technologies.

Mirion Technologies


ATLANTA — Mirion Technologies, in partnership with Lexipol, is proud to announce the availability of an on-demand webinar titled “Getting Grant Assistance: Police & Fire Department Radiation Detection Tools.” This 45-minute session is designed to guide agencies through the process of securing grant funds for critical radiation detection equipment, with expert advice available at no cost.

The webinar features insights from: Keith Spero, Director of Business Development, Defense and Security at Mirion Technologies; Carol McGowan, Account Manager at Mirion Technologies; and Sarah Wilson Handler, Vice President of Grants at Lexipol. Together, they provide a comprehensive overview of the Grant Assistance Program, which supports agencies in grant research, application reviews, and alert services. The program also highlights the range of leading Mirion Technologies products available through grants, including:

  • AccuRad™ PRD Personal Radiation Detector
  • AccuRad™ PRD-SIM Kit
  • SPIR-Ace™ Radio Isotope Identification Device (RIID)
  • SPIR-Pack™ Human Portable Radiation Detection and Identification System
  • DMC 3000™ Electronic Personal Dosimeter
  • RDS-32™ Radiation Survey Meter
  • UltraRadiac™-Plus Personal Radiation Monitor

This webinar is essential for any police or fire department looking to enhance their capabilities in radiation detection and safety. The on-demand format allows agencies to access this valuable information at their convenience, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of grant applications successfully.

To access the webinar, please visit

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Mirion is a global leader in radiation safety and innovation, offering products and services to protect people and the planet from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. Our technologies are trusted by police, fire, and emergency response personnel, as well as military, defense and security teams, critical nuclear facilities, and R&D labs. Furthermore, we support the healthcare industry by ensuring the safety of medical procedures, processes, patients, and staff. Learn more at

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Lexipol is the industry leader in content and technology solutions that foster safer communities and enable organizations to perform at their best. Lexipol’s services range from operational policies and training courses to grant assistance programs, helping agencies achieve and maintain compliance while securing necessary funding.