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ECCO Safety Group and HAAS Alert to incorporate HAAS Alert tech in Code 3 public safety, ECCO commercial vehicle markets

Digital alerts will be sent to nearby motorists via HAAS Alert Safety Cloud™ collision prevention service.

ST. LOUIS — ECCO Safety Group (ESG), a leading global manufacturer of sound, light and vision safety solutions for Public Safety and Commercial Vehicles whose brands include Code 3 and ECCO, announced today that it plans to work with Chicago-based startup HAAS Alert to alert nearby motorists by incorporating HAAS Alert Safety Cloud™ collision prevention service in Code 3 products.

By utilizing HAAS Alert technology, Code 3’s lineup of vehicle lighting solutions – including its flagship Matrix system – will include the ability to send digital alerts to drivers whose vehicles are outfitted and active on the roadway.

Code 3 will be introducing new integrated connected technology that raises the attention of distracted drivers with the objective of proactively alerting drivers to assist in reducing roadway collisions with emergency response and commercial vehicles. According to a University of Minnesota study, the risk of collision between a civilian vehicle and emergency vehicle can be reduced by as much as 90% when nearby drivers receive an advanced warning about the hazardous situation.

Doug Phillips, President & CEO of ESG, sees an immediate benefit to First Responders and other vulnerable roadway users. “Code 3 is all about innovating safety solutions for our first responders. By adding HAAS Alert collision prevention technology to our market-leading vehicle lighting solutions, Code 3 customers will have an extended layer of safety and security while they are working.”

“The number of First Responder fatalities and injuries in 2019 due to collisions with other vehicles is alarming and showing no signs of slowing down”, said Cory Hohs, co-founder and CEO of HAAS Alert. “As a company committed to making our roadways safer for everyone, we are excited to work with an innovator like Code 3 to bring HAAS Alert’s digital alerting safety service to more emergency response and fleet vehicles.”

About Code 3
Code 3 is a brand of ECCO Safety Group (ESG) and a leading innovator of sound, lighting and vision products for the Emergency market, providing a wide array of safety solutions serving Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicle markets.

About HAAS Alert
HAAS Alert delivers awareness of responding emergency vehicles and other municipal fleets to connected and autonomous cars, aiding motorists and vehicles to make safer, smarter driving decisions. The company streams vital safety information in the form of real-time digital alerts to drivers and connected cars via in-vehicle systems and smartphone apps when emergency vehicles are approaching and on-scene. Our Responder-to-Vehicle and Responder-to-Responder solutions will be on display at the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) in booth #4227. To learn more, visit or contact