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Gear Wash introduces the power of CO2 cleaning services

Innovative technology removes up to 98% of contaminants from turnout gear

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MEDINA, Ohio — Gear Wash, a subsidiary of Fire-Dex, announces the launch of CO2 Contaminant Cleaning Technology as an option for firefighter gear cleaning. This innovative service offers firefighters and first responders a new method of gear sanitization that enhances traditional water-based cleaning.

“Gear Wash is the world’s largest verified Independent Service Provider for PPE care and maintenance, and CO2 technology ensures that our service options remain at the cutting edge,” says Brian Marenco, Director of Business Development for Gear Wash. “CO2 conserves water and electricity, so it checks all the boxes for a sustainable approach to decontamination that can also mean faster turnaround time for our customers.”

With the latest cleaning technologies and dedicated customer support, Gear Wash enables first responders to invest in a cleaning option that upholds—and even surpasses—NFPA performance standards and emphasizes environmental stewardship.

Why CO2 Cleaning?

CO2 cleaning uses carbon dioxide as a solvent to penetrate all three layers of firefighting gear, delivering a deeper, more thorough clean than water. It can achieve a contaminant removal rate of up to 98% and ensures gear comes out dry and ready for immediate use due to CO2’s unique ability to revert to a gas state at normal atmospheric pressure.

This method also restores the retro-reflectivity of some reflective trims, increasing visibility for firefighters in low-light conditions.

How it Works

CO2 is converted into a supercritical fluid by heating it above its critical temperature (about 31°C) and pressurizing it beyond the critical pressure (around 74 bar). In this state, it behaves like a gas and a liquid, penetrating small pores, crevices and surface irregularities to dissolve and carry away dirt, chemicals and other substances. Once the cleaning is complete, the pressure and temperature are reduced, returning the CO2 to its gaseous state. This leaves no residue on surfaces and allows for the reuse of CO2.

Restore Gear to Ready Status

Gear Wash has a mission to provide first responders with exceptional gear care, and CO2 Contaminant Cleaning Technology offers a new tool in the fight to improve the safety and effectiveness of essential garments worn by everyday heroes. In addition to PPE cleaning and maintenance, Gear Wash offers comprehensive inspection, repair, alteration, recordkeeping, and rental services to its customers, including some of the nation’s largest fire departments.

To see the difference CO2 cleaning can make, contact Gear Wash at

About Gear Wash

Gear Wash, a subsidiary of Fire-Dex, is the largest fully verified Independent Service Provider (ISP) dedicated to PPE care and maintenance in the world. With 10 locations across the United States and one mobile unit in Florida, Gear Wash specializes in advanced cleaning and inspection of turnout gear including repair, alteration, and customization services that meet and exceed industry standards.