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Medix specialty vehicles expands dealer network with Hughes fire equipment

Hughes Fire Equipment to offer Type I, Type II, and Type III Medix ambulances in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii

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ELKHART, Ind. — Medix Specialty Vehicles, a leading ambulance manufacturer known for their quality and speed to market, has announced their latest strategic partnership with Hughes Fire Equipment to offer Type I, Type II, and Type III Medix ambulances in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii. Medix’s collaboration with Hughes Fire Equipment will empower emergency response teams in the Pacific Northwest and beyond with access to a durable and reliable ambulance solution.

“The versatility of Medix Specialty Vehicles will be a valuable addition to Hughes Fire Equipment’s lineup of apparatuses, meeting diverse customer needs,” said Dan Hays, Vice President of Sales for Hughes Fire Equipment. “Offering a Medix provides our customers with the benefits of meeting limited budgets while obtaining a quality product. Medix’s competitive lead times will enable departments to swiftly integrate these vehicles into their fleet, enhancing operational readiness.”

With over 20 years of experience, Medix Specialty Vehicles aims to deliver the ambulance industry’s highest performance value while focusing on attention to detail and ensuring that each unit meets the highest standards of safety and functionality. Medix ambulances meet the needs of first responders in fire departments, hospitals, and private operations.

Hughes Fire Equipment’s reputation for excellence in providing top-quality Fire and EMS vehicles has been solidified over four decades of dedicated service. Their experienced salespeople and maintenance technicians strive to provide all emergency response teams with well-maintained, high-quality equipment. Likewise, Medix’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond mere sales transactions to encompass exceptional service standards.

“With well-established partnerships with emergency response departments in their region, Hughes Fire Equipment is well-positioned to support Medix in expanding its presence in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii,” said Rob Eichorst, Vice President of U.S. Sales for Medix. “Through collaboration and shared resources, both companies stand to benefit from this strategic alliance, ultimately serving the needs of emergency responders and communities more effectively.”

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About Medix Specialty Vehicles

Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulances. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. has produced one of the highest quality and best-valued ambulances in the industry since 2001. Medix Specialty Vehicles is owned by Demers Braun Ambulance Manufacturer. Learn more about Medix Specialty Vehicles at or by contacting (866) 971-4915.

About Hughes Fire Equipment

The Hughes Fire Equipment family is dedicated to providing fire and EMS departments with high quality apparatus, experienced sales people, and skilled maintenance technicians, along with the honesty and integrity that our customers deserve. We strive to provide all emergency response teams with well maintained, superior equipment, as well as a committed team of maintenance and support staff. We work for our customers to ensure they have what they need to serve their communities safely and efficiently. Learn more about us at or contact us at 1-800-747-6510.