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S&H Introduces New Lightweight Pistol Grip Valve with Wildland Applications


Arvada, CO - S&H products is happy to announce the new 1" Ball Shut-off Valve w/ Pistol Grip. Crafter from nodized aircraft aluminum with a heavy duty cast aluminum handle, S&H shut-off valves are ultra lightweight and durable. Built to US Forest Service Standards (FSS) these valves are certified at 600 psi working pressure and stagnant pressure ratings of 1,200 psi. Polymer ball and seating reduces friction while operating under pressure. All made in the U.S.A.

Specifications include:

• Available in NP (NPSH) or NH (NST) Thread

• Anodized Aluminum body, cast aluminum handle

• Available in swivel or rigid body

• Polymer pistol grip

• 600 psi operating pressure

• 1.5 lbs.

• Meets Forest Service Specifications (FSS)