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12 gift ideas firefighters will love

Whether you need something special for the holidays, a fire academy graduation or to celebrate an overdue promotion, these recommendations are sure to elicit a grin


There’s nothing like bringing a bit of the firehouse to your own home, and these recommendations do just that. Whether you are looking for a retirement gift or just looking to spruce up your man or woman cave, these fire-themed gift ideas are perfect for you or any firefighter in your life.

1. A fire-themed wall clock

Imagine this above the fireplace in your home, or maybe even at the fire station. This clock, handmade and sold on Etsy, is the perfect gift for anyone associated with the fire service, from rookies to retired chiefs.

2. Tactical Halligan bottle opener

Nothing like opening a bottle with what looks like an excessive amount of force. Using this Halligan bottle opener will ensure you get some questions about it, making it the perfect conversation starter.

3. Vintage firefighter tool patent prints

These are a unique addition to a home office, den or man cave.

4. “401 Things Veteran Firefighters Can Teach You” by Chief Gary Ludwig

In this book from past IAFC president Chief Gary Ludwig, learn tips, ideas and tricks of the trade that experienced firefighters have shared to help others become better and safer firefighters.

5. Fire Department Coffee

The literal coffee at your fire department may not be the best, but Fire Department Coffee is veteran-owned, firefighter-run and will give you the pick-me-up you need.

6. Deluxe Fire Tower: Fight Fire with Fire

In this fire-themed game, guard your fire tower from your opponents as they attempt to manipulate a wildfire to burn yours down! This fast-paced strategy game is perfect for game nights with family on your days off, or kitchen table shenanigans between calls.

7. Firefighter-themed ornaments

There are dozens of firefighter ornaments available to choose from that can showcase your passion, like this turnout gear set.

8. Subscription to FireRescue1 Academy

The FireRescue1 Academy offers 24/7 access to must-have training from some of the most renowned fire service experts. You’ll have hundreds of training videos to choose from, covering topics like Fire Suppression, Firefighter Safety and Survival, Command and Control, EMS, Hazardous Materials and more.

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9. Blazing Bucket of Fire Hot Sauce Basket

It’s no secret firefighters like to eat. More to the point, firefighters like to eat hearty meals. And what better complement to a heaping plate of spaghetti or bowl of chili? That’s right, hot sauce, and lots of it. With this bucket of heat, the hot sauce connoisseur in your firehouse will soon be sounding the alarm.

10. Nightstick mini-flashlight

Flashlights are a basic must-have on every duty belt, and with Nightstick’s MT-200 Series Mini-TAC Pro flashlights, your officer will never be left in the dark. Each is rechargeable and made from a CREE LED that offers 50,000+ hours.

This article, originally published in 2014, has been updated.

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