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Station Style

Share your before-and-after fire department pictures
For the Washington Fire Company location, the future is undetermined
The Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit location has things the old station lacked — a restroom, an office and two bays instead of one for fire engines and equipment
The floating fire station has drawn curious eyes from around the world, starting with its initial conception and extending to crew operations
The now-carved Halloween showpiece is on display at Erie’s Firehouse 13
The addition of Fire Station 52, which will serve the UCSD campus and nearby neighborhoods, is expected to improve response times in the fast-growing area
In this week’s photo, the Newport Beach Fire Department debuted its new building with members of the community
On Sept. 7, 2020, 14 firefighters were injured in an attempt to protect the Nacimiento Fire Station
Fireboat Station No. 35’s unusual structure is designed to withstand earthquakes and changing sea levels
The report classified the Devon Avenue station as in “critical condition” and the Greenwood station as in “poor, nearly critical condition,” with “major work” necessary to keep them operational
The federal funding will be used with proceeds from Oceanside’s Measure X to cover the estimated $18.6 million in construction costs
The legislation requires FEMA to allocate 25% of the grants for career fire and EMS departments, 25% for combination departments and 25% for volunteer departments
Former fire stations are no longer doomed to the wrecking ball as historic preservation gains momentum
The remodel will add more separate bathrooms and showers and individual sleeping areas rather than an open dorm
Just north of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, the new Fireboat Station No. 35 will serve the city with its three fireboats and rescue watercraft