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Ventilation is a cornerstone tactic for firefighters – the first letter in the essential acronym VEIS (vent, enter, isolate, search). Whether horizontal or vertical, ventilation tactics are essential to the overall fireground operation. In recent years, more research has identified the importance of coordinating ventilation and fire attack operations to preserve firefighter safety. The FireRescue1 Ventilation resource page details such research, and provides additional expert analysis about ventilation tactics. There’s also news related to ventilation operations, including several Los Angeles Fire Department firefighters who sustained burns in an explosion.

The victim stayed inside the burning Bronx apartment as neighbors begged him to leave
Fire destroyed a building used for religious classes in Sacramento County
Access free assistance during the process for AFG grants concerning exhaust removal equipment.
We must be well versed in the proper use of chainsaws and our go-to hand tools
Firefighters worked for several hours fighting a fire in a 16,700-square-foot home in Bloomfield Hills
Vernon firefighters trained on search, hoselines and ventilation at a restaurant before demolition
A Portland Fire Department spokesperson said one person was transported to a hospital with serious injuries
Sacramento firefighters faced a second roof over a challenging “center hallway” complex in the two-story building
Heavy equipment was needed to breach the concrete structure for ventilation
ICs must base their decisions on experience, lessons learned and the intel coming in from crewmembers
Firefighters took advantage of the soon-to-be demolished Alleghany College dorm to train on fireground operations
Three firefighters were injured battling a fire that extended into multiple three-deckers in Mattapan
30 backup batteries for MRI machines had begun “off-gassing,” creating a hazmat incident in the Tampa facility
The initial call was for two vehicles on fire inside a Hollywood carport