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2010 Year in Review

As 2010 comes to a close, our columnists reflect on the biggest fire service stories of the year. Read accounts of the year’s most memorable incidents in our first-person features, and check out our slideshow for the most powerful images of the year. Stay safe in 2011.

From close calls to dramatic rescues, these videos show the dangers and bravery of firefighting
For years customer service meant delivering what the customer wants, but these days it may not be what the customer needs – whether they realize it or not
I expect this past year won’t be the last time we see these five themes expressed on FireRescue1
We need to get the next generation of the fire service ready now so that they still have time to learn from their seasoned counterparts
As the year draws to a close, asking yourself ‘what if’ can provide some telling answers
The past 12 months saw a number of things happen that impacted EMS
The American people deserve the best we can provide them in terms of support
Efforts to reduce LODDs seem to be paying off for the U.S. fire service but more still needs to be done
There are many possible reasons why firefighters are compelled to take and publicly post pictures of themselves in action
Now is a great time to begin to plan for how to approach those who manage your purse strings
Department Director calls the video derogatory and said Jason Brown had ‘displayed poor judgment’
A CHP officer ordered the rig moved and handcuffed a fire battalion chief who refused
Chief says firefighters were saved from serious injuries as they wore gear