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Charles Bailey

Bread and Butter Basics

Charles Bailey is an assistant fire chief for the Montgomery County (Maryland) Fire & Rescue Service, with more than 20 years of active service. He also serves as the Montgomery County Hazmat Team Leader. Bailey was honored as the Best Web Column/Trade at the Western Publishing Association’s 2011 Maggie Awards, which honor the best print publications and websites in the Western United States. Bailey has a master’s degree in public administration from Walden University and is a certified public manager. Connect with Bailey on LinkedIn.

Preventing high-rise mass fatality fires is more likely to happen through the prevention side of the house, not the response side
Some will argue that indiscriminately cooling the approach path will adversely alter the thermal balance; here’s why it improves safety and survivability
Commanding and running a real mayday happens at a speed and force that instruction cannot replicate
Simple tools and processes can reduce exposure risk without compromising the fire mission
Simulated and real events have different lessons to teach us, both are vitally important to sound fireground behavior
Keeping victims isolated from fire and cooling the environment are critical tactics
The words we use sets the tone for our firefighting culture, which then influences how we behave on the fireground
New technology processes seemingly unlimited information in an instant, yet our brains do not
As critical as the research is on how modern furnishings burn, the real importance lies in what we do with the results
Those who call for risk on ethical grounds are not on solid footing