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David Dalrymple

Extrication Today

David Dalrymple is a career EMS provider for the RWJUH Emergency Medical Services in New Brunswick, N.J., and he is a volunteer FF/EMT/Rescue Technician for Clinton EMS/Rescue in Clinton, N.J. He has been actively involved with emergency services for 27 years. Dave is the education chair of the Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee - US (TERC), is certified as an international level extrication assessor and serves on the Expert Technical Advisory Board of the International Emergency Technical Rescue Institute as their road traffic accident advisor. He has taught and assessed in North America, Europe, the UK and South Africa. In 2007 he received the coveted Harvey Grant award for excellence in rescue education.

Dave can be contacted via e-mail at

It is critical to invest the time to plan and execute how you approach removing glass at vehicle collisions
When we “pop” doors today, the door materials often shred, tear and rip apart, leaving us to attack it another way
From ‘Lego bricks on steroids’ to new chocks, these devices can help responders during extrication evolutions
Making space quickly and safely and taking into account for vehicle technology concerns will help us provide for better patient outcomes
One of the nice things about these chocks besides flexibility in application is the fact they also take up less storage space on apparatus