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Jason Zigmont

Volunteer Professionals

Jason Zigmont, PhD, NREMT-P, currently serves as the Manager/Educator for the SYN:APSE Simulation center at Yale New Haven Health System. He was the founder of, and has written extensively about Bylaws, Fundraising, Grants, Recruitment and Retention, SOGs and Training. He has been a member of the East Berlin Fire Department for more than 10 years, most recently acting as Training Officer. He holds a BS in Public Safety Administration and earned his PhD in Adult Learning at the University of Connecticut. He can be contacted at

As I leave the volunteer fire service for healthcare education, I carry that duty to serve common in volunteer firefighters
The fight over who gets paid and who doesn’t is not one the volunteer fire service can afford to have
Mimicking the actions of large, successful fundraisers, starting with a fundraising plan, will provide a great deal more money to keep your department running
The tradition of voting-in officers is fraught with problems, yet with adjustments may have a place in a professional volunteer service
Volunteering will take everything you offer and more, which is why controlling burnout is critical to keeping firefighters engaged
Striking the right balance of policy and freedom to decide makes for a better-running fire department
Volunteer fire departments need a clear and guiding mission to serve their communities now and tomorrow
Fire-scene video can be a great teaching tool, but one that is filled with peril
It is worth exploring if fire-fighting knowledge should have mandatory recertification like EMS
The public that we serve is not only looking for help, but often given the chance they would like to help others in case of a tragedy