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As research continues to emerge, highlighting the importance of coordinated ventilation, firefighters are forced to adjust strategies and tactics. This special coverage series reviews the current ventilation-focused research and offers detailed steps for how to best implement the various ventilation operations – vertical ventilation, horizontal ventilation, positive pressure ventilation, among other tips and tricks to ensure safe fireground operations.

The exhibit hall features thousands of products and services for fire departments and EMS agencies
Know the construction methods, decking types and design approach that could impact your rooftop operations
Early ventilation is a key element in reducing cancer risk for firefighters
FireRescue1’s new special coverage series cuts into various ventilation tactics
This simple method for a quick cut on a pitched roof allows for fewer cuts and safer operations
While not the preferred method of ventilation in the modern era, horizontal ventilation remains a valid option in some circumstances
Back to basics – sounding and walking on the roof, using roof ladders, working from an aerial, cutting the hole and punching through
We must be well versed in the proper use of chainsaws and our go-to hand tools
ICs must base their decisions on experience, lessons learned and the intel coming in from crewmembers