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Active Shooter Events

Active shooter events have become a tragic staple of the news cycle, with firefighters and other first responders called upon to respond to dangerous scenes, sometimes with multiple victims in need of rescue and immediate transport. As firefighters respond to an increasing number of incidents, crews are forced to find new ways to train and comprehensive resources that cover the latest approaches to these high-risk events that have become the “new normal” for first responders across the country.

Mass shootings remind us of our shared vulnerability and that we will always be there for our communities
Gov. Janet Mills provided an update to the number of dead and wounded in an active shooter incident at to locations in Lewiston
Leaders must ensure that the necessary counseling and recovery resources are available for their responders
Join Highland Park Fire Chief Joe Schrage in conversation with Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder to learn how his department responded to this incident.
Following the 9/11 Report, we have continued to struggle with command and communications
Hundreds of first responders participated in several small group and full-scale exercises at Willoughby South High School
“Every recoverable victim was saved,” Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd said, highlighting the work by EMS crews
Whether to send crews into the warm zone is one of the most difficult for ICs
Train your communities to identify, call out and respond to active threats
An Allen PD officer, who was on an unrelated call at the mall, engaged the suspect and neutralized the threat
One woman was pronounced dead at the scene; EMS providers transported four people to hospitals
The science of active shooter response is relatively new; is there a better model?
The panelists answer attendee questions related to NFPA 3000, PPE, grants, armed firefighters, RTFs, working with law enforcement, and more
Firefighters at Roseville Fire Department Station 5 heard gunfire and brought a wounded highway patrol officer into the station
A female suspect is dead; the Nashville Fire Department said it responded to an “active aggressor”