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Rapid Response

The Rapid Response resource page features expert analysis on recent news events. These in-depth articles also provide fire departments and leaders with top takeaways to learn from and relevant resources to bring back and implement within your own agency to always be prepared.

A house explosion and a semi-truck blast resulted in the death of one firefighter and at least 18 injured between the two scenes
Practical takeaways from the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting for initial treatment and safe transportation
Recent incidents highlight issues of favoritism and territorialism clouding decisions around mutual-aid response
Leaders must ensure that the necessary counseling and recovery resources are available for their responders
Preplanning is critical to identifying the unsafe living conditions in your area
While no fire department is ever fully prepared for such extreme conditions, we must constantly review and practice our response efforts
Fire Chief Reggie Johnson and Communications Shift Supervisor David Bradshaw address the mayday call, fill-in response, and heroic acts amid loss of life
Montgomery County crews faced a complex and dangerous scene with a plane entangled in power lines dangling 100 feet above the ground
Firefighters must ensure that they have and properly maintain air monitoring equipment to quickly identify dangerous environments
Mayday training, preplanning, mutual-aid agreements and scene size-ups emerge as common themes in major incidents
Unprovoked killing of Lt. Alison Russo-Elling is a tragic reminder that first responders are putting their lives at risk for choosing to serve their community
Paid and volunteer firefighters worked together to answer hundreds of calls for rescues
Firefighters must remain vigilant at explosion response scenes, particularly when the blast source has yet to be identified
A passenger from the Missouri Amtrak derailment shares details of the response involving nearly 20 local and state agencies
Fires in expansive structures – in this case 1.2 million square feet – can quickly overwhelm fire protection systems and crews