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The volunteer resource page features a variety of content for the more than one million volunteer firefighters who serve this country. Articles, podcasts and videos address volunteer recruitment and retention issues, how to become a volunteer firefighter, how volunteers can integrate research into fireground operations, first-person perspectives on life as a volunteer, grant opportunities, and much more.

Greensburg officials allow city workers, who are volunteer firefighters, to respond to calls during workdays
It’s time to reevaluate our SOPs, eliminate insular groups, and see traditions as an honor, not an anchor
From a firefighter sponsorship program to themed dinners at the firehouse, check out these out-of-the-box strategies for raising your department’s profile in the community
“I’m still pretty badass at 75, but I wish I had done it sooner,” Mary Jarschke said as she prepares to graduate as a volunteer firefighter
The issue of age isn’t a simple problem to solve, particularly in the volunteer fire service that’s struggling for members
The San Jose Fire Department celebrated its beginning with a single volunteer fire company
Grant County Fire District 7 saw a 25% increase in calls, purchased new apparatus and nearly doubled its number of volunteers
The specialized program consists of 10 meticulously crafted courses instructed by prominent subject matter experts
Test how your personality aligns with the motivation, teamwork and key character traits that exemplify firefighters around the world
West Leechburg firefighters have a new custom-sized engine-tanker with a larger tank
A consolidation plan in Sunbury will cover everything from leadership, staffing and apparatus to avoid duplication of services and improve costs, training
Plaistow’s program was launched in Oct. 2022 and has seen its number of junior firefighters more than double
The FireRescue1 community considers what is driving high stress and staffing challenges
Cold weather is brutal on firefighting equipment and even more so on firefighters
State funding has helped Richmond volunteer firefighters purchase a new fire engine and other equipment
Aspinwall and Sharpsburg fire departments followed an earlier study calling for departments to merge, improving fire protection
Five Norwich volunteer fire departments claim the paid department is failing to adhere to command protocols
Firefighters from Colonial Park, Paxtonia and Linglestown fire companies can register for 4, 8 or 12-hour shifts, earning $10 per hour
Life lessons and the spirit of volunteerism, community are the heart of the Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department
Officials say Firefighter Ron Cato fails to qualify for assistance due to the minimum full-time service requirment
82% of U.S. fire departments are all or mostly volunteer and, often, their funding depends on people stepping up to help
Nettie Firefighter Brody Allan Hanna was killed in crash with a man who earlier attacked a woman with a hammer
Chester County commissioners approved a property tax rebate for members of fire and EMS departments
Lancaster County commissioners hope municipalities do the same to support first responders
Earlier arbitration ruled that Montville could not staff its firehouse with just one firefighter
Fire departments across the state work to increase staffing during a growing demand for services
The documentary has a clear message for the fire service: You need to understand your community and be willing to make changes
Upon taking the reins, the Greensburg (Pa.) VFD chief made it his mission to improve firefighter safety and health